Sheryl Crow’s Ultimate Breast Cancer Prevention Guide

Sheryl Crow and I were recently invited to the Dr. Oz show. Because breast cancer can be such a complex topic, I was particularly excited when I found out that we’d be giving advice on something everyone can easily understand – food!

The first segment of the show focused on Sheryl’s breast cancer story, while I was asked to explain the importance of early detection via Mammograms. Afterwards, we focused on all the top superfoods Sheryl used while going through breast cancer treatment.

One of the key things I wanted to point out on Dr. Oz was the link between estrogen and breast cancer, and how estrogen (and certain foods) can fuel breast disease.


Unfortunately, most women are not familiar with this concept, and many more don’t know that estrogen can be suppressed with a targeted diet. Here is a recap of the foods we covered on the show:

1. Three cups of green tea a day can prevent breast cancer by as much as 50% because of its high EGCG antioxidant content. Squeeze a little lemon into your cup and increase the antioxidant power of your tea.

2. Garlic is a good immunity booster that also has anti-inflammatory properties.

3. Olive oil, borage oils and flaxseed oil contain monounsaturated fat, which can help suppress breast cancer.

4. Turmeric helps decrease estrogen. As little as one teaspoon a day has been shown to reduce tumor growth. Get your daily dose by mixing it into salad dressings, rice or vegetable dishes.

5. Cruciferous vegetables, such as kale, bok choy and Swiss chard bind estrogen in your GI tract and reduce tumor stimulation. They also detoxify the liver, which helps reduce the toxins flowing through your body that can irritate cells and turn them into early cancers.

6. Seaweed/Kelp are high in iodine, this is another estrogen reducer.

7. A daily supplement of Vitamin D (2000 IU) can prevent tumor metastasis, reduce cancer cells and aid estrogen inhibitors. Calcium-rich foods, such as sardines, salmon, milk and cheese are also highly recommended. Or, 15-20 minutes of sunshine every day can help you in getting your daily dose of Vitamin D. All of these combined can decrease your breast cancer risk by up to 50%.

8. Studies show that inflammation plays a role in causing malignancies in several different organs, including the breast. Taking two Aspirin or Ibuprofen a week can reduce your chances of breast cancer by 21% to 28%. The anti-inflammatory properties in these drugs are also excellent for heart and colon health.

  • barbara tegarden

    I saw the t.v. program and thank you so much for your efforts to provide women with the tools we need for prevention.

    God Bless

  • Tom

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  • Sharon Phillips

    This is a really good site,I wish that i would of came across it sooner.

  • Renee Gaither-Lang

    I too wish I had come across it sooner but going forward I will implement in my diet.

  • Eleanor Mikulski

    Very good info here, It's all true. Its too bad some doctors will never agree with any of this. After being diagnosed with breast cancer, I read anything and everything I could get my hands on and was lucky to have learned about some of these powerful everyday foods. You need to be your own advocate. I am now a breast cancer survior.

  • bbye

    Good info. Most info I've found is geared toward treatment and not prevention. don't have any cancer yet but am high risk.

  • Angellinda60

    Does this help too if you're triple negative like me? Plus+ we're all jobless and times are very tough here.

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    This is so interested! Where can I find more like this?

  • Paula E.

    Just being diagnosed 2 weeks ago with breast cancer my surgeon told me to eat lots of green vegetables. Fresh spinach was one of the main 'greens' he mentioned.

  • Karen Sharkey

    As a breast cancer survivor, striving to stay cancer free this is very important information to receive. I will share this with every woman I know. Thank you!

  • Julie Lindemuth

    Thanks so much for this valuable information! I am now a breast cancer survivor an an outspoken advocate for yearly mammograms. They caught mine at .8cm and I had a lumpectomy and radiation. My naturopath has been treating me for years for endometriosis with Zyflamend, an anti-inflammatory supplement with turmeric, ginger, green tea, etc. and also DIM, to decrease estrogen in my body. I had also been taking 4,000 mg. of fish oils per day to lower prostaglandins that lead to cramping. All of this, plus healthy eating and an active lifestyle, I believe helped me tremendously to have a very slow-growing and non-metastatic cancer. Thanks for all of the great reminders–I'm logging off now to make some baked kale and a cup of green tea. :) God bless you for your work!

  • Phyllis(Ann)Darnell

    Thank you Sheryl sooo much for not only your great inspiring music but for being such a caring giving person. I was diagnosed a year and 1/2 ago with Breast Cancer and had a full mastectomy and treatment.Now I am on chemo pills>>Femara and sometimes Arimadex and I worry abt the damage all of thisis having on my kidneys and other organs in my body and have had friends to pass away due to their kidneys completely shut down.Any suggestions?? A;so i just wanted to ty!! for all your new & usefull healthy info.I already do everything you have memtioned except for the Kale and the Green Tea. I will be going to the Grocery Store tomrrow to get some. I too know lots of women unemployed and some under other circumstances where they have no oncome and are in need of a mammagram really bad. How can I get them free help? Please reply bk to me on facebook or at Keep up the good work……: )

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    This breast cancer prevention guide is very helpful in preventing the breast cancer and some of the important tips given in the article are very beneficial.

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    Really informative article. I have read although points very well. As we know that what are the ways for prevent our self from breast cancer. But we don’t follow them.

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    Mostly,breast cancer will arises in women.I have so many women’s got affected with breast cancer.