Does Cancer Change You?

If you have been diagnosed with breast cancer, you might have a fear of the word cancer and if it will change who you are. The questions that ran through my mind on the day I was diagnosed with stage three Breast Cancer were scary and were nothing but what I call “Fear Moments”.

“Fear moments” can grab you and take hold of you and bring you in a place of darkness and despair.

Going through Chemo treatments, surgeries, doctor appointments, radiation treatments and more exhausted me! Not to mention taking care of my beautiful children and trying to put on a happy face so they would not see me in pain.

Cancer does change you but we have the choice to get better or grow bitter. I made choice to move forward or I could have layed down and died.

Cancer can make you a stronger, sensitive, giving, appreciative, loving, and fearless person. You can have those “Fear Moments” but release them and move on. Find your divine purpose and what you are going to do with your life. I never thought I would ever say this, but cancer changed me for the good. I am blessed for so many reasons and so are you… let’s count our blessings together.

  • Maria

    I feel these way right now , took me a long time to feel I can bit it and get strong emotional way.
    After a lot treatments and ups and downs for 6 month , I stop thinking in the next treatment, or in the next medicine , or how am i going to do to look perfect , and what would happen with my family if i die etc, it all grows and the scare change you to a your own cancer , but I FIX IT , I start thinking that I am only 29 and I can make the person I want, and cancer is allowing that happen, so I am not scare any more , I starting being that woman i wanted to be , and not the one feel sorry forherself.

    Nothing of these would happen , if one friend told me in my face in what I became , and how far I was to be the person I wanted , and how far I was to be happy.looks like i was waiting someone give me that words , and since that long conversation I CHOOSE TO CHANGE MY ENTIRE LIFE IN ALL WAYS, i move one from all bad, i forgive myself and I FEEL LUCKY to had cancer and learn ALL I BEING LEARNING FROM MYSELF SINCE THEN.

  • Denise

    I think cancer changes anyone who has gone through it…you can never feel as you once felt, about life and about death. For me…I was devastated and had a very hard time dealing with it all as I was going through all of it. I was also stage 3.
    I am a 2-year survivor now and I think I am a stronger person, I am always going to have that one little corner of fear that my cancer may come back someday, but I learned how to deal with that fear whenever it comes over me. I am less fearful more and more everyday, and enjoy my life more and more everyday!!!!

  • Andrea Brown

    Hi I too am a breast cancer survivor. I would be honored to share this article on my lens

  • Diamonddaughter

    I am not the same. I am a retired educator and evangelist and when I found out about this stage 1 breast center, I fell a part after about an hour of diagnoses. I felt I had sinned against God and found myself repenting that I had cancer. However, with a very supportive and spiritual husband, I got through it all, every step. So many people told me of their experience and treatment until I was paranoid and fearful as to what was going to happen to me, a servant of God. Then, I heard the voice of the Lord say,” I am with you and they are all around you. Trust me”. I stood in awe of the all of it and it was me this time going to the furnace. Ha, ha, I call chemo “the furnace”. When my doctor explain the type I had, my head was lifted and I was breathing hope and faith to face what God had planned for my condition. The Clearview Cancer Center staff and all appointed personnel on my team were superb! I can testify that I have not had a sick moment where you are expected to throw up. Praise the Lord! I have had good days and some not so tasteful moments but it comes with all the stuff they put in your body. I have just finished 6 months of chemo and still on antibody for next year. I am thankful all the supportive family, friends, church members and pastors who stepped end to make me and my family know the love of Jesus. I have experienced a spiritual makeover through the transforming of my mind. Romans 12:1-3. It can be done but often it takes a pressing situation for the plan of God to be revealed in our lives. WE must be made over from the inside out. All I can say is, trust in the Lord with all thine heart. Don't try to understand the intangible but always apply faith and the word of God to every place or aspect of your life and he will direct your path. He knows the plans he has for you and me(Jeremiah 28:11) and they a good for us holistically. The Holy Spirit told me on the day of surgery, “Face It”. That means put your face in the face of the Master and trust those he's put on your team. Ask the questions. Let them know you know. Get free!

  • Madonnamd

    I don't fear death no more. That's a change.