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A Patient’s Journey: Angelina Jolie

In an article in the New York Times today, My Medical Choice, Angelina Jolie promised to share some background about her medical treatment with women seeking more information about BRCA gene Read the rest of this entry »

Early Detection: Uncompromising and Redefined

Most women do not look forward to their annual mammograms. After all, who wants to be reminded that there is a 1 in 8 chance that you might get breast cancer in your lifetime? Read the rest of this entry »

Pink Lotus Breast Center To Integrate Electronic Brachytherapy Cancer Treatment

In a press release earlier this morning, Xoft, makers of electronic brachytherapy systems based upon miniaturized X-ray tube technology, announced the integration Read the rest of this entry »

Sheryl Crow’s Ultimate Breast Cancer Prevention Guide

Sheryl Crow and I were recently invited to the Dr. Oz show. Because breast cancer can be such a complex topic, I was particularly excited when I found out Read the rest of this entry »

The Master Plan… Blooming a Cure for Women in Need

My eyes were opened to the harsh realities of the women living in poverty and the impact of disease upon them while on a safari in Africa. I went to see the Read the rest of this entry »

Supporting The 2009 Save Lids To Save Lives Campaign

There are many ways to give back, especially with an emotional cause such as breast cancer. While I focus most of my philanthropic efforts on Pink Lotus Petals these days, Read the rest of this entry »

Questions To Ask After Diagnosis

I was invited to the TODAY show for 2009 breast cancer awareness month to talk about the top questions to ask your doctor after being diagnosed with breast cancer. Here is a quick summary Read the rest of this entry »