Impact investor, entrepreneur, venture capitalist, husband, father of triplets, endurance athlete, immigrant, self made, altruistic - these are some of the words often used when describing Andy Funk.

Andy was born and raised in a town just outside of Hamburg, Germany. As a Funk, there was a good chance that Andy would have a passion for business in his DNA. The Funk family is no stranger to entrepreneurship, having started a small insurance company in 1879, which over the past 130 + years has emerged as Germany's largest independent insurance brokerage firm with almost 1,000 employees and over 30 offices in 7 countries. As the oldest son, Andy's path to eventually take over the family business was memorialized early on. Even though his parents never pressured him, his destiny had been determined while Andy was still playing in the school yard as a little boy.

A builder, passionate innovator and creative thinker at the core, Andy realized early on that the path of an insurance executive was not the life he had envisioned for himself, regardless of any associated wealth that would come with it. His interest in entrepreneurship and breaking free from his defined path was only intensified as he witnessed the technological revolution of the 1980's and early 1990's unfold right before his eyes.

At age 18, Andy founded his first technology company while still attending high school, working through nights to grow his startup. Just a year later, he left behind his family, friends and country, gave up his inheritance, skipped college, and moved to Southern California with a one-way ticket in his pocket. Since then, Andy has accumulated a long list of impressive accomplishments. Within five years of coming to America, Andy had founded and sold three companies.

Wanting to evolve in his passion for entrepreneurship, Andy took his strengths in innovation and startups to the next level by founding his own early-stage venture capital firm at the age of twenty-four, becoming the youngest founding member of a venture capital firm in the United States at that time. Andy embodies the philosophy of his firm by expertly combining his passion for business and investing with an altruistic vision to impact people and the world for good. After having served his firm as Managing Director for the past 14 years, Andy believes more than ever in its mission and philosophy: that businesses can, have the potential to, and should make significant contributions to people, society, the environment and the overall human experience.

Since founding his venture capital firm, Andy has invested in and helped start close to 20 companies in the medical, health, wellness and clean technology sectors - some of which have become national and even international market leaders. He has sat on more than a dozen boards, many of which he led as Chairman. In 2007, he became the youngest member of the Board of Governors at Cedars Sinai Medical Center. He authored the chapter "Investing Today for a Better Tomorrow" in the book "VC: Best Practices", has been a sought after panelist and has given lectures and keynote speeches at various local and national conferences and events.

Andy is considered by many as one of the country's original pioneers of impact and socially-responsible venture investing, and he feels blessed to have helped launch numerous companies that have ended up contributing significantly to people, society and the environment. Some of these companies include Alter-G, Prolacta Bioscience, Game Ready, Cyber-Rain, Used Cardboard Boxes, Organic To Go and Virgin Charter.

Even as a VC, Andy occasionally returns to his roots as a startup entrepreneur - 2007 was one of those years. The birth of the Pink Lotus Breast Center came serendipitously from his marriage to Dr. Kristi Funk who, at the time, was a breast surgeon and director at the Cedars Sinai Medical Center. The combination of Andy's entrepreneurial innovation with Dr. Funk's superior medical abilities led them to the realization that they could conjointly create a breast cancer organization that would provide a level of care that patients could not experience anywhere else.


Andy and Dr. Funk opened the doors of the first Pink Lotus Breast Center in Los Angeles in 2009 amidst a deep recession and the impending birth of their triplet sons a few months away. No stranger to perseverance, Andy, Dr. Funk and their devoted and passionate team, have since turned the Pink Lotus Breast Center into a leading institution and respected thought leader in the medical community that has redefined what comprehensive breast care can be.


Andy knows how to keep busy, but it doesn't prevent him from accomplishing his many life goals and staying in impeccable health. When he is not engulfed in leading the Pink Lotus Breast Center and his venture capital firm, Andy spends his time with his wife (sometimes even without discussing business) and their 6-year old triplet boys at their home in the Pacific Palisades, California. Andy is a competitive triathlete, runner, ultramarathoner and cyclist and has an impressive portfolio of top ranking finishes and podium spots. He is a 5-time Ironman finisher and ranked 5th in the US and 18th worldwide for his age group in 2013. Andy is passionate about educating others and bringing them closer to the world of health, sports and fitness. Most recently, he created the charity event Vegas In 24, a 365-mile long bike challenge benefiting low income women which also set a new world record. View the Video.


Andy has been written about in many publications and recently appeared on the cover of Germany’s BILANZ magazine. His story has been featured in the books “Launch!” and “Going Supernova: The Bold Paths of 101 Superachievers”.

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