Diana Franklin was born and raised in Texas and was the 5th out of seven children. Diana earned her Bachelors of Science degree in education with an interior design minor from Lamar University. She has taught school, worked in interior design and even started her own interior design company before relocating to Los Angeles. For 6 years, Diana was the sales territorial manager for the western states for a high-end lamp manufacturer. When the company went out of business, Diana joined a title insurance company in Los Angeles and remained the Assistant Vice President for almost 20 years.

Diana's life changed drastically on October 13, 2008. Thinking the rapid changes in her right breast was a benign infection, a round of antibiotics only improved Diana's symptoms by a slight margin. Her gynecologist then referred Diana to Dr. Kristi Funk for further evaluation.

That night, Dr. Funk called Diana at home and said she would see her the next day. When Diana sat in the exam room the following day, Dr. Funk performed a core biopsy and skin biopsy. Diana was curious why a skin biopsy was being performed.

A day later, correct about her intuition, Dr. Funk diagnosed Diana with the deadliest and rarest breast cancer there is, inflammatory breast cancer, also called IBC. Diana and her husband Marc were in shock. Diana had a clear mammogram just 6 months earlier, but like so many other women, Diana had very dense breasts. As Diana later learned, additional screening with ultrasound or possibly CESM is imperative when you have dense breasts.

IBC is so rare that Diana was only the 6th IBC patient Dr. Funk had ever seen, even amongst thousands of other patients. IBC is also so deadly, Diana was the only one still alive out of the six. Only about 40% of IBC patents survive the first five years and reoccurrence is high after the 5th year. Diana is on her fourth year and seven months and feeling healthier and happier than ever.

Diana has always been fortunate to work with professionals and enjoying her responsibilities and challenges with enthusiasm. Instilled in Diana is a strong work ethic, a sense of humor and a positive attitude toward life and its challenges. Visibly passionate about helping others who are affected by breast cancer, Diana was invited to join the Pink Lotus Breast Center as Patient Services Manager, where she assists women from all walks of life during their patient jounrey, be it screening, diagnosis or treatment of breast cancer.

She is also responsible for the administration of the Funk Buddies and Support Groups programs for the Pink Lotus Breast Center. The Funk Buddies program, designed by Dr. Funk in 2005, involves the careful pairing of breast cancer survivors with newly diagnosed breast cancer patients for emotional support and well being.

Diana often mentions how few people can claim that they are fulfilling their life's purpose every day. Diana knows she is one of them.

When she is not helping others, Diana enjoys spending time with her husband Marc, family and friends. She is also passionate about flower arranging, reading, golf, traveling and recently started Zumba classes.